Wine you drink when…you’re at a stagette!

It was a great weekend for wine drinking! One of my best girl’s is getting married in the fall, so we headed off to Canmore for a super fun bachelorette party. I, of course, volunteered to bring some wine. In addition to the *many* bottles of prosecco and sparkling rosé that were polished off, and unfortunately went un-photographed due to the natural excitement of the event, two bottles stood out in my mind as fantastic girls weekend and/or day drinking wines.


Cono Sur Viognier – Chile


This particular bottle was new to me, though I’ve enjoyed Cono Sur’s reds before. I love this brand because not only are they delicious and easy drinking, every bottle I’ve purchased is either organic or carbon neutral! What a great way to do something wonderful for your tastebuds and the earth. Anyways, back to the Viognier. The label boasts apricot, peach and orange notes and you’ll get no argument here. I was a bit nervous bringing something I couldn’t vouch for, and in true A-type personality style, I’d brought club soda along in case we needed to turn it into a spritzer (blasphemy, I’m sure!). However, it didn’t disappoint! It was appealing to a variety of women and easy to sip. We quickly finished off this bottle and I’ll be keeping my eyes out for it next time!

Cono Sur wines are available in most liquor stores, and I got this beauty for around $12 CAD at good old Costco.


Les Fleurs du Mal Rosé – France


I wish I could take credit for bringing this next bottle, which is as pretty as it was delicious. Thanks to the soon-to-be MC for our adorable couple for snagging such a great vino. This rosé had been advertised as on the sweeter end, but I personally would classify it as fairly medium on the sweet spectrum. It was very drinkable and in another setting, I could have happily polished off the bottle myself! It was fruit forward – cherry and blackberry – and lightly chilled. It was perfect to follow up the bubbles and delicious iced tea cocktail, courtesy of one of the other bridesmaids.

This rosé was purchased in-store at Everything Wines, but if you find yourself NOT in Lethbridge or Sherwood Park, check out their website for the most fun online shopping you’ll do all day!


Wine you drink when…you’re in Osoyoos!

Living in the wonderful city of Calgary, I’m so lucky to be a day’s drive away from the many, many wineries that BC has to offer! My parents spend most of their summers out there and I’m often on their doorstep for a visit during July and August. This means that I spend far too much time tasting and buying local delights when I’m on holiday.

One of my newest favourites is the 2016 Dolcetto ($23 + tax) from Moon Curser wines, located on Hwy 3 in Osoyoos. I had popped in to restock my supply of their Syrah (a go-to wine for me – easy to polish off the bottle!) and decided to sample a few of their other varietals. The Dolcetto is a very easy drinking red and they served it slightly chilled. I could so easily picture myself on the patio or beach with a glass of this in my hand. I’ve never been one to deny myself a glass of any type of red during warm weather, but if you have doubts, this is the bottle to change your mind! There is a nice fruity taste without unnecessary sweetness. The label is even beautiful – black and white, with hints of gold, so it would also make a great hostess gift. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable, so if you find yourself in the area, be sure to stop by!
Check out more details about pricing, shipping, history, and other wines at

Greetings and salutations, wine lovers!

Hello all!

Welcome to the blog – a place for people who enjoy drinking wine without actually feeling the need to know too much about it. I absolutely fall into that category! I started drinking wine in university (white zinfandel exclusively!) and in the <many> years since, I’ve discovered a true passion for this beautiful and tasty beverage. I spend large parts of my summer holidays in British Columbia’s lovely Okanagan valley and have familiarized myself with many of the lovely wineries out here, both older and newer. I love a big red, a dry rosé, or a crisp white and I’m always seeking out the next great bottle!