Wine you drink when…you’re in Ireland and Paris!

I am fresh off of a European adventure and am flying high! Nights at the pub with live Irish music followed by all the rosé and bordeaux a girl can drink is a sure-fire mood booster! My best pal and I took a bit of a gamble and had booked a Contiki tour through Ireland, even though we are starting to approach the end of their age limits. Luckily, we travelled with an amazing crew and had a wonderful, warm, and not-hard-to-look-at tour manager. We decided to tack on a few days in Paris afterwards, because, well, why not?


It didn’t take long to get into vacation mode on our flight!

Wine in Ireland was an interesting experience, seeing as how they are famous for beer and cider. What I really enjoyed was the adorable single portion bottles they would often serve! This is a great way to ensure no one has to choke down a glass of something that’s been open for too long. They tended to have a lot of South American wines, which I always enjoy, but I was hoping for a little more from the great wine-making countries of Europe. However, I certainly didn’t let that stop me!

We took a break from pub fare one night in Galway and went to a lovely little Italian restaurant. Here, I was delighted to have quite a selection of vino italiano and went with a nice, easy drinking bottle of Pinot Grigio! It paired very well with my seafood pizza.


The highlight of my Irish wine-ing was certainly the delightful pub in Cork, The White Rabbit, which had prosecco on tap!! The bubbles went surprisingly well with my potato soup starter…saluti and also sláinte!


Now for the star of the show…Parisien wine! My favourite thing about being in France was their absolute determination to only serve you French wine. If you do something well, why not show it off?? The first night I devoured 3 glasses of Bordeaux with a meat/cheese plate, served with baguettes of course, and I could have died happily then and there.


Wine not pictured…it was busy being guzzled like water 🙂

I also fell even more in love with French rosé on this trip. It’s light colour and fruity yet dry taste has me complètement hooked. I drank a lovely glass of it in the Tuileries Gardens outside the Louvre. It was the perfect pairing of wine, crepes, flowers, and a charmingly grouchy waiter. Swoon.


My final gushing of this post shall be devoted to Bordeaux. I had planned to drink Beaujolais, which is my go-to in liquor stores here at home, but I saw very little of it on the menu. By the time it was an option, I had abandoned thoughts of it for my new love. Fruit forward, but never syrupy and always easy drinking, this is a wine I would recommend to everyone from red loyalists to newcomers to the dark (arguably best) side. A bottle shared with a great friend across from an iconic landmark? Parfait!


Stay tuned for the next post….Caves du Louvre wine tasting!


Happy Sipping!



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