Wine you drink when…It’s going to be a long week.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks at work and this is the first five-day week in a while, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to get through it. Wine! Duh! Tonight I opened a beautiful Cabernet Merlot that was one of my best purchases this summer. Hester Creek is one of my favourite BC wineries for a variety of reasons! First of all, it’s absolutely gorgeous! There are flowers and several patio spaces that overlook the beautiful green lawn and the mountains. The staff are always so friendly and make wine tasting fun. Arguably the most important reason is of course that they have absolutely delicious wine!


This wine is a satisfying “big red” while still smooth and easy to drink. Tonight, I paired it with a DIY charcuterie plate, and also dark chocolate, while I watched some gloriously out-of-date HBO. In addition to prosciutto, olives, and applewood smoked cheddar, this Cab Merlot was a perfect companion to season one of Game of Thrones. I know, I know, I’m sooooo late to that party. But, even I can only hold out so long resisting Jon Snow’s gorgeous locks and Cersei’s crazy reign of terror.

I plan on getting through each of the evenings this week with a carefully regimented schedule of all the things I enjoy. I’m keeping the bottle in the fridge to ensure its longevity. It needs to accompany my stress colouring book, my Jenny Lawson novel, and re-runs of New Girl. I have nothing but faith that it’s up to the task!

May all of our Fridays come swiftly! Happy sipping, winos!


Wine you drink when…it’s Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival!

It was one of my favourite festivals this past weekend, Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival! The wrist stamp has now faded so I can go back to looking respectable during my day job, but the delights of the evening are fresh in my mind! It was a perfect girls night out for my best pal, Hungry in Calgary, and I. If you’d like to here more about the food portion of the evening, click here! To focus on the treats that were poured into a glass, read on!

We started the evening in the same fashion we start any evening…with bubbles! The first booth was featuring Crisecco! Find it under the “Find Products” tab at This refreshing sparkling wine tastes like prosecco and is a great choice for celebrating or starting a meal.

The next stop was the Noble Vines booth, where I had to have some Pinot Noir (cherry, plum, and cocoa flavours!) while Amanda went with the Rosé (raspberry, watermelon, and cherry flavours!). Both were excellent and stood out in my mind throughout the night, despite the volume of other drinks we tried. Find these delicious California grapes at!

I tried a Lemberger from New York state, which would make a great dinner wine and had enough pepper punch to please my spicy-wine-devotee friend, Shannon.

Bottega is an Italian sparkling wine that I’ve enjoyed before and, conveniently, it can be purchased at your local Co-op! Though both varieties are refreshing, I do remember liking the rosé bubbles best (not pictured unfortunately…too excited for proper photo protocol!)


Don’t tell the wine, but I cheated on it just a little to try some Crown Royal. We tried both the apple and vanilla flavours and they were very smooth! I learned that I definitely prefer my whiskey fruit flavoured and on the rocks!


I also tried my first Aperol Spritz…it wasn’t my favourite, but would be a great choice for anyone who loves a good orange/bitters flavour!

The night was starting to wrap up and so many vendors were still yet to be visited, so we had to make some quick decisions! I’ve never met a Portuguese red that I didn’t love, so the next glass was an easy choice. From the Douro region in Portugal, this red was easy drinking and left me wanting more than the small sample size!


We also decided that a ticket splurge was worth it for a 89-point wine: Vinha Barrosa. This lovely red was wonderful and tasted expensive enough to please any discriminating palate. It was too scary to ask for the retail price, but if you need a treat yo’self, then look this one up!


In the battle for the best New Zealand red (that you can also buy locally for a reasonable price!), the Mount Riley Marlborough Pinot Noir stole the show! That said, any NZ Marlborough shall never be turned away from my table! Whatever you Kiwis are doing down there, keep it up!


Alas, we Cinderellas had to turn back into pumpkins sometime…or at 10:00, to be specific. For the final number, I couldn’t resist the “must try” item of the event: blue wine! This gorgeous-hued Chardonnay was fantastic! It started smooth and finished with a beautiful nectarine flavour. It was the perfect nightcap to such a fun night out!


For anyone experiencing FOMO, Edmonton’s version is still coming up in November! Get your tickets here:


Happy sipping!